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Advanced digital media company (ADMC)

 is one of the largest suppliers of broadcast, professional video, and photography equipment and accessories in the Middle East. 



 is a Saudi company established in 1986 serving the telecom and IT market sectors, has gone into a new venture of opening a business of professional media equipment for broadcasting TV stations, cinema, videography, and photographs.

  •    ADMC

build, operate, and lease a wide range of studios and OB Vans. Owning and running state-of-the-art showroom in Riyadh with expansion plans for two in Riyadh, one in Eastern region and one in Western region.


 launched its new media website with a built-in electronic shop where customers shall be able to compare products, check their features in detail including pictures and videos. 


With a selection of the best photography, videography, broadcasting, and lighting products we will be able to supply the greatest solutions for all creative professionals. 

  • Showroom studio Service Center / Repair center / Training center

Our professionally trained team is capable to interact with our customers face-to-face, learn their needs, and offer the best fit for their needs providing the opportunity to try their creativity in our showroom studio.